Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mickey World at Last!!!!

Despite still a 50% chance of rain today, and dh telling me repeatedly that the hurricane is coming our way, we decided that today was Mickey World Day! Only to get to the car and find that the battery was dead. I took kids and gear back to the room, dropped gear in the room then let the kids play in the "courtyard" of the hotel looking for lizards while dh called AAA. He came back and told me 90 min wait, we discussed me trying to take the kids to Disney via taxi or something but that sounded like a hassle and expensive and the kids were honestly having a blast playing in the courtyard so I told him we'd just wait, and then started praying hard for AAA to be quicker than anticipated. He called me from the parking lot maybe 10 minutes later to tell me they'd be here in a few minutes. So we might have waited 1/2 hour, if that. Got to Disney with L once again throwing a tantrum about her doll and everything else, again came very close to dropping dh & A off and me bringing L back to the hotel. And then once we got out of the car dh got tired of waiting for the tram and decided we weren't parked THAT far away, so we started walking, which resulted in another tantrum because L wanted to ride the tram. Despite the less than wonderful start, we had a great day. L got over herself once we were on the Ferry from parking to Magic Kingdom (let her choose between Ferry & Monorail). Didn't cover all of the Magic Kingdom, much less make it to any of the other parks, but we did alot.

Jungle Safari, where we were waiting in line inside during the first brief rain shower, Alladin's Carpet ride (essentially dumbo) TWICE because no wait & the girls loved it. Pirates of the Caribbean, the girls had a hard time (throughout) with the concept of the automated fake people. The fact that they were moving, "pretend", but not people dressed up was confusing to them, but they seemed to enjoy it. The short flume in PoC got A liking the idea of flumes (L liked that short one but once she saw the long one on splash mtn, she backed out), so dh took A on splash mtn while L & I watched (in the rain) for them to come down the long drop. Then abit of not total honesty, I asked if the girls wanted to go on the mine train & happened to not mention that it's a roller coaster of sorts. A saw it go by while we were in line & made some comment about "I don't know if L will like that, it's FAST" but not in L's hearing & she (A) was fine with it personally. We got up & got in & the announcer said something about it being the wildest ride in the west & "hold onto your children" so L took my arm & put it around her, when I asked what she was doing she said "he told you to hold onto me!" and then we were off, and she LOVED it!!! (both kids did). She wanted to go on it again, but I told her maybe another day since it was a 40 min wait & I suspected we wouldn't make it to everything they wanted to see. We also went on the Haunted Mansion, Dumbo, Snow White's Scary Adventure, Cinderella's Carousel & Goofy's Barnstormers (not long enough for the girls' tastes, thankyouverymuch!).

AND we went to Storytime with Belle & got to sit on the FRONT ROW and then go to go get pictures taken with her afterwards. As we were leaving Belle, L told her "you're my favorite creature" and Belle said "awwww, thank you" which apparently made L's day. When asked later, what her favorite part of the day was, L said "Belle telling me thank you!"

A was disappointed in Ariel's Grotto, it wasn't what she was expecting (nothing more than a photo op w/ Ariel) though I never got out of her exactly what she was expecting. But we did get pictures with Ariel. We were running out of time, so the last chance at photo ops we had to choose between "princesses" and "pals" and L chose pals "since we already saw Belle & Ariel", the pals were Goofy, Donald & Pluto and the girls were quite happy with that. A quick stop for postcards for their collections, a few minutes on a small playground, and then we rode the train back to mainstreet, the monorail (A's choice) back to the parking lots, and the tram back to our car. Whew! Busy day!!! DH & I are both very sore! The girls are, I think, exhausted.

Tomorrow is Trick-or-Treating at Sea World, which I think will also be good because it's a smaller, more laid back park, we saw MOST things last time, so we can pretty much let the girls decide what things they want to see, might go out of the park at lunchtime & catch a nap for the girls as well, we'll see . . .

And then Thurs & Friday (if we can get hotel reservations for the extra night) will be at Disney again, I'd like to at least see Animal Kingdom since I've never been there & the girls are crazy enough about animals that I think they'll enjoy it. If we get to it, i think there is at least an Ariel show at MGM, a place to have pictures w/ the Beast at Epcot . . . so plenty to keep us busy, but we might also end up spending another full day at Magic Kingdom we'll just have to see. I think I won't mention the Ariel show & such unless it looks like we'll for sure have time for it . . .

Pictures are here

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