Monday, October 29, 2007

Sea World in the Rain

By this morning the forecast for today was 60% chance of rain pretty much all day. So we decided to go w/ Sea World where it wouldn't feel like we were "wasting a day" if we got tired of being wet and came home early. Girls were fine with this adjustment to the plans (although L & I almost dropped A & dh off and came back to the hotel when she threw a total tantrum because she wanted to bring her doll in. Finally after I explained that "the people that work there" wouldn't let her bring the doll in with her to everything, so we would have to leave the doll in the stroller and someone might steal it (yes, I know, we could have hidden doll under stuff in the stroller & the odds of someone stealing it would have been next to nil. DH would probably also point out that this is a not very professionally doll that I made so even less chance of someone other than L thinking it was worth taking, but we are NOT going to start lugging dolls into amusement parks, zoos, etc.) we then had to discuss who (of the girls numerous invisible friends) was going to stay in the car with all the babies (because it's not safe to leave a baby alone in the car!) Gosha (L's husband) is home taking care of her house. Nui & Sosa are home taking care of A's animals (for which we are very thankful, I'm not sure I could have handled dealing w/ her numerous animals on top of the FIVE dolls A brought along). DH suggested that Crystal could stay in the cars with the babies, but the girls were horrified, "Daddy, Crystal is coming with us! And she's ONLY 2!!!" . . . finally we determined that A's husband, Luke was along on the trip and would watch L's baby along w/ all A's babies in the car while we went into Sea World, sigh . . . after that drama, the day went smoothly.

We got some rain showers but nothing too horrible. I think the hardest rain came while we were sitting waiting for the sea lion & otter show and we were under a roof so we could just watch that rain.

The girls were absolutely enthralled w/ the Killer Whales & Dolphins (2 separate shows). The Sea Lion/Otter show was a pirate theme that freaked L out a little (& A too, but L more), but once we got to the "sword fight" she kind of heaved a sigh of relief & said "those are paper swords!" and then she was fine.

We got some pictures, but the camera battery died partway through the day. I'm recharging it now, and will then download the pictures and see if there's one worth adding to this post LOL. (edited to add, pictures are here)

There's a small section of "kiddie rides" that are very similar to some of the rides at Sesame Place so the girls enjoyed them, didn't want to ride the Shamu (kiddie) roller coaster. A seriously considered the (very tall) log flume type ride (not a log, but that's how I always think of those types of rides). It had a 42" height limit, so I'd told the girls that they could probably be able to go next year, but not this year. But dh pointed out that w/ shoes on, A was probably 42" (when he measured them recently L was 39.5" and A was 40.5") and she thought about going on it, but then decided she'd wait till she's a "little older". L was quite adament that she didn't want to go on it, so we at least didn't have any concerns of her wanting to go & being too short.

I guess that's about it. Girls' only answer to "what's your favorite thing today" is "everything" so I guess that's good. Plan is to try Disney tomorrow. Still a 50% chance of rain, but it's "scattered showers" so hopefully no worse than today anyway. And there's more indoor stuff at Disney (small world & such).

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