Monday, October 22, 2007

Grandma's Birthday

I think Grandma really enjoyed it. I was looking through the pictures to find one to use with this post and almost all the pictures of Grandma, she's talking. I think that's a good sign LOL.

We didn't go up until afternoon, we got there as they were finishing up opening presents, then we pretty much ate and visited. It was good to see relatives we don't get to see very often.

The girls napped on the way up, as planned. Since I generally have to wake them up after an hour or so of napping, and it's only about 45 min. up there, and they didn't fall asleep instantly, I was expecting to get there with them still asleep and then carry them in and let them wake up slowly on Papa's and my laps or somesuch. But apparently they had their own little alarm clocks set because as we pulled in the driveway they both woke up & went from asleep to wide awake instantly LOL.

My second cousin, Sarah is pregnant, due next month, and someone said something to L about Sarah's tummy being big because of the baby inside to which L replied, "My mommy's tummy was MUCH bigger when we were in it!" She has a point LOL.

DH & my brother were watching football while we were getting the meal ready, and the girls were with them. When the Redskins game was over, L came running out and told us that quite emphatically that "this is just TERRIBLE! The Redskins won! It's AWFUL!!!" Poor kid, her Daddy's got her brainwashed :( At least I had my dad and brother there to be happy for the redskins along with me, since my kids have betrayed me.

Mom, Darla & Jani had made a bunch of different cupcakes and arranged them on a tray around the number 90 made out of flowers. And then arranged some greenery & tealights around it and stuck birthday candles in some of the cupcakes and such. They didn't pay attention to how many candles they used, since obviously they weren't going to use 90, so they just put however many to make it look nice. Turns out they used 17, and Grandma pointed out that she was born in 1917, so the candles had more significance then planned :)

The girls also managed to rope several people into planting the stuffed beaver on the climbing wall (which makes sense if you've been to my parents' house, and probably doesn't if you haven't LOL. They have a loft that you climb a carpeted wall to get to, and Dad sticks a stuffed beaver into one of the high hand/foot holds and the girls see if they can climb up high enough to "rescue" it). Ashlyn will now rescue the beaver from the highest hole, Lexie still sticks w/ the next one down.

Pictures are here.

And while I was up there this weekend I got Dad's pictures from when we went to the zoo a few weeks ago, so those were added to this album.

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