Sunday, May 15, 2011

Homeschool Convention 2011

I spent the last 2 days soaking up huge amounts of homeschool-related information and encouragement and things I "need" to buy!!

Despite a bad headache yesterday afternoon, it was, once again, an encouraging, uplifting, rejuvenating experience! I can't begin to imagine how much money people who actually buy CURRICULUM spend at conventions LOL.

Some highlights . . .

A little boy coming and asking to sit on my lap during one of the seminars. He was such a snuggle bug. His parents apologized profusely, and offered to take him several times, but he was so sweet and snuggly, it was all good!

Great speakers, as always. Giving timely messages about things like parenting our children with compassion, not fear.

I'm, errr . . . unusual, in the world of, well, this world, in that one of the things I LOVE about going to homeschool convention is being ALONE (in the midst of thousands of people, LOL). Others go looking forward to talking to other homeschool moms and such, and I understand that, in theory, but I love just being alone. I adore my children, but the little extroverts attract attention EVERYWHERE we go. I thought it was just the "twin thing" but it's not, Little Bit attracts attention all by herself. So, for these two days, I could sit in corners and walk through crowds, and smile pleasantly, but be mainly invisible, and that was exactly what I wanted and needed and cherished!

Adding countless (well, I COULD count them, but it might give dh a heart attack) books and resources to our wish lists!

Getting Bible highlighter kits for Sassy and MiniMe. I'd been wanting to get them for awhile, and when I found them there, I went ahead and got them. MiniMe especially was so excited to start using them this morning (she's been using one highlighter from a set I already had, but now she can color-code too).

Hearing Ken Hamm from speak.  This past year of listening to the Jonathan Park Adventures has really whetted my interest in Creation science, so it was great to hear Ken Hamm speak so passionately about the importance of learning about and believing in the WHOLE Bible, not just pick and choose the parts we want. And giving scientific EVIDENCE for creation. I'm amazed when I listen to the CDs and now, listening to him speak, at how MUCH evidence lines up with the Bible account of creation, and yet evolutionists refuse to consider it. I don't understand why so many Christians seem to just shrug and say "we have to take the Bible on faith" which is true, of course, but WHY stop there when there IS evidence to support a young earth and literal creation week? So, it was encouraging and fascinating to get to hear Ken Hamm in person.

And those are a few highlights from this year's convention. I'm already looking forward to next year, LOL!

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