Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - May 24

Yes, I realize I'm a couple days late.  The girls and I are at my parents' house, so my computer time is . . . structured differently. Not necessarily less, but, different.

Anyway . . . we somehow had a busy, but uneventful week this past week. It was rainy most of the week so we didn't get much outside time, though the girls generally were outside at least for a little while each day. Rodney needed Walmart gift cards to give out at a training seminar he was holding this weekend, and we had to go to 2 or 3 different Walmarts to find "generic" Walmart gift cards. Figured he didn't really want to be handing out ones that said "Congrats on your new baby" or something LOL. As it was, the ones I ended up getting were all flowers, which are rather "girly" but we decided since it was spring, they'd work, and I was tired of hunting LOL (I did tell him if he really didn't want to use the flower ones that I'd check another store the next day, and figured I could always use up the flower ones just with our regular shopping over time). So that seemed to take a big chunk out of the week, and other odds and ends or errands. . .

We continued with our chronological Bible reading, and one day for a change of pace, we'd read the chapters in Job that describe Behemoth and Leviathan, so I had each girl choose one of the creatures and draw what they thought it looked like based on the Bible's description. That was kind of fun, they enjoyed really digging into the verses to come up with ideas and I enjoyed seeing what they came up with.

We also did another chapter of our Bible Names Biblestudy, learning about Caleb, which Little Bit was excited about since, for some reason, she really latched on to her Sabbath School lesson about Joshua and Caleb and even though that was weeks (perhaps months?) ago, she will still, if asked what her lesson is about, answer "Joshwa Caaalb".

Interestingly, upon being told that they didn't "have" to continue with the math drill program we'd been reviewing, Sassy decided she wanted to keep using it. . . .this is why I think "unschooling" has its merits, my children are much more likely to use things when it's not "required" LOL.

We decided near the end of the week, to come to my parents' house this weekend/week. So that meant getting things ready for us to be gone.

We finished our 3rd (or 4th?) time through the Jonathan Park CDs and had decided to take a break from Jonathan Park and listen to Bible in Living Sound instead, and did for a day or two, and enjoyed them, but then I asked the girls if they were ok with me listening to some of the mp3s from the homeschool convention. My original plan, was to listen to one seminar and then let the girls listen to Bible in Living Sound for the rest of Little Bit's nap &/or our errands, but the girls decided they liked the homeschool seminars better, so they've been listening to them with me as we've run errands and such, and then as we drove down to my parents on Sabbath. Among other things we've been learning about Creation Science from Ken Hamm, Family devotions from Steve Demme, how to teach Ancient Civilizations from Tyler somebody, an employee at Bright Ideas Press,  So they're getting a widely varied "education" this week, hee hee.

And that's my late, and rather boring, update on last week!

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