Friday, May 27, 2011

Little Bit-isms

Little Bit has become quite the chatterbox. I've been sharing some of her cute sayings on facebook, but thought I'd record them here too:

  • One morning she was laying on my lap and trying to put her foot in my face. I caught her foot before she kicked me in the nose, and was holding it away from my face. She said "Me. Stinky toes. in. Mommy's face. Pwease" at least she's polite about it huh?
  • At our neighbor's house yesterday there was a fan blowing and Little Bit kept standing in front of it and saying "wind. blow me awaaaaaaay"
  • The big girls stayed for an extra day at Mama & Papa's house. This morning when Little Bit woke up and said "Mama Papa", I reminded her that they were at their house. "Sissies", I reminded her that they were at Mama and Papa's. She said in a dejected voice "all my fends. gone." (guess Mommy and Daddy don't count)
I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but those are at least a few of the current ones.

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