Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Bit of What Little Bit has Been Learning - April Review

Little Bit is 25 months old

It's been awhile since I've done a Tot School post. So I thought I'd scroll back through my camera and summarize some of the things Little Bit has been up to in the last few weeks, in no particular order.

One of the most important parts of "learning" this time of year, for all of us, is plenty of outside time while the weather is nice! Running through a field of dandelions with big sister is about as perfect a "school" activity as I can think of for a 2 year old (and the 8 year old)!

More outside fun.  Riding her "bike".  She so desperately wants to ride bikes with big sisters, but can't keep up with their 2 wheelers. She still has great fun with it. This is one of my favorite pictures at the moment. She was riding and then said "Mommy. Picture. Me. Bike" (she puts a period at the end of every word when she talks, I love it!) and gave me this great cheesy grin!

Even rainy days, or post-rain days, are an opportunity for outside fun now that the weather's warmer. Little Bit thinks jumping in puddles is great fun!

Little Bit continues to love her puzzles. This one is one that my parents have from when I was little. I LOVE this puzzle! And now Little Bit seems to love it too!

Reading books is another favorite. Sometimes Little Bit likes to be read to (Brown Bear Brown Bear is a current favorite, she has it memorized!), other times she likes to "read" books herself. I about died when I was driving somewhere and the older girls were singing and she said told them "Quiet. PLLEEEASSE! Me Readin!"

Another favorite "treat" at Mama & Papa's house is the piano. She spends TONS of time banging away on the keyboard whenever we're there.

And of course, Easter. She LOVED the Easter Egg hunt! And, I think, was better at finding some of the well-hidden eggs than her sisters. And then, after our "official" egg hunt, she continued to enjoy her afternoon by having sisters and Mama re-hide the eggs 2 or 3 more times! Great fun!

And a final outdoor fun! Wading in a friend's creek! She LOVED it! We learned about balance and such on the uneven rocks of the creek bottom, saw minnows swim by. Saw a BIG turtle hiding under s thorn bush (smart turtle, with 7 little girls running around his woods), threw rocks in the water to see them splash, and otherwise had a blast! It's re-inspired me to make sure we take time to go down to our creek in our woods this summer and let her and her sisters wade and such.

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