Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - May 8

We are LOVING the spring weather that has finally arrive in PA!

This week we welcomed baby goslings to our pond! I haven't annoyed the protective parents by trying to get pictures yet, but the goose "couple" that has claimed the pond closest to our house (there are 3 ponds on the property, but only one we can see from our yard) hatched 6 goslings this week. They're so cute running along in a row. We've been keeping an eye on the Mama goose as she sat on her nest, and now the girls are loving watching them!

In other animal news, we took Moccasin (MiniMe's cat) in to be neutered this week. We had both cats scheduled, but apparently Socks got wind of what was going to happen and took off the morning before we were supposed to take them in, sigh . . . so he's tentatively scheduled for this coming Thursday, we'll see if he comes home in time. Our challenge, post-op has been the recommendation to keep Moccasin in the house for a WEEK post-op. Moccasin is our cat that has fully embraced his identity as an OUTDOOR cat, and is NOT at all happy at being kept house-bound! He goes from window to window, apparently hoping to find one magically glass-free so he can escape. He stalks the front door to grab his chance to escape (and found one that first morning, poorly timed to coincide with the lawn mowers starting up outside (he's always hated the lawn mowers), so he TOOK OFF!!! After much tears and worry, once the lawn mowers went away, I heard his, now familiar (after all the crying to please let me OUT) meow, and the girls ran down to the creek and brought him safely home, apparently none the worse for his excursion. . . finally this morning (his surgery was on Thursday), we decided to "set him free" and last I checked he was happily basking in the sun on the patio.

I had bookclub this week, and Daddy once again took all 3 girls to Chuckee Cheese. At supper Friday night, as we were talking about our week, Little Bit told us. "Me Cuckee with daddy, sissies. Me drive cuckee's car! Mommy fends (friend's) house." So guess she had fun LOL.

Friday Rodney got me my "mother's day present" in the form of 15 bags of mulch! Woo-hoo! The girls are learning to spread mulch ("this is fun, Mommy!"  AWESOME!! YOU do it it!) and plant things.

In school we're fitting in little bits of the basics amongst our outdoor time, but I'm a HUGE believer in outdoor time being some of the best "school" we can get, and I know we'll have plenty of time this summer when it's too hot to spend too long outside and we can do more school then.

We did add in a new aspect of Bible this week. "Wholesome Learning - Biblical Names" it's set up in a way that we'll be doing it 2 days a week, and continue through the Bible chronologically the rest of the time. Last week was our first week and we learned about the name Samuel. The girls really got into it, so I think we'll all have fun with this.

Also included in the ebook is a beginning course on reading Biblical Hebrew. I thought it looked interesting, and recently reading Dahveed, Yahweh's Warrior and Dahveed, Yahweh's Fugative  (I read, Dahveed, Yahweh's Chosen when it first came out, and reviewed it here), got me interested in the Hebrew wording of things, so I printed it out and have been looking over it when I have time in the car when Little Bit falls asleep. I had no intention of trying to teach the girls at this point since we're already working on Spanish and half the time they whine about it LOL), but MiniMe noticed me going over the "flash cards" and wanted to know what it was. I gave her a brief, whispered explanation (since Little Bit was asleep), and it captured her interest. And once she was looking over them, Sassy wanted to too. So they randomly borrow the "flash cards" when we're in the car now. Not sure they really understand it all, need to bring the flashcards back in the house sometime and go over abit of the "theory" of it all with them when I can talk without worrying about waking a baby. Not going to push it at all, but hey, if they want to learn it on their own, fine by me :)

Oooh another "outside" thing they did this week.  The day that Moccasin was at the vet's, I suggested that they clean out/air out his "box" that is the preferred "cat house" on the porch (nevermind that we actually got them a REAL, insulated, cat house last winter, they like the box better). Which they did, and then Sassy said "is it ok if we clean up the rest of the porch too?" OF COURSE it is!!! They did a good job too. Sorted things out, took trash to the trashcan, organized the toys & such. Swept the whole porch . . . they're great little workers when they're in the mood!

At church yesterday they asked the children to come hand out flowers to all the mothers. I was just going to send the big girls down (we sit up in the balcony), but Little Bit would have none of it, she wanted to "go with Sissies!" So I took her down too. She did pretty good. I stayed with her, obviously, but she did a good job of carrying the plants and giving them to whoever I told her to give them to. She was very proud of herself LOL.

Today for Mother's Day, the girls talked Daddy into "helping them" make me french toast with blueberries for breakfast in bed. YUM! They also went out on the patio and made me a "Mother's Day card" with sidewalk chalk. They even had Little Bit add some "scribbles", hee hee. Then we spent most of the day doing mulch-related stuff :)

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