Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Campmeeting is Apparently a Hit

I so wish I had my camera, L is crouched down on the grass by the big pine tree in our front yard blowing a dandelion, it was definitely a "Kodak moment" but alas, I don't have my camera (actually I can't find it at all, much less have it beside me on the porch).

Ok, back to campmeeting. Despite the girls feeling that Sabbath's meeting was too long, they decided they wanted to go again yesterday (after I assured them it would be shorter). We had a minor meltdown when teacher said all the kids had to hold onto the rope to go outside to play games (thankfully teacher was a reasonable person w/o any need to "teach children to be independent" or whatever other reason some authority figures find to impose rules for the sake of imposing rules when there's no logical reason for it, and she was fine with them just holding my hands instead) and the girls opted to sit to the side & watch Duck Duck Goose instead of playing, but despite that, they had a good time. The meeting consisted of some singing, then going outside to play duck duck goose, then back inside for a craft and then a little more singing. Fortuitously both of the girls' favorite songs were among those sung (much to their delight, thankfully their favorite songs are quite typical/common SS songs, so it's not TOO surprising that they were both included in those sung).

The vote was to go back to campmeeting this week so I should be getting things done so we can go instead of playing on the computer LOL.

In other news, A is in a "helping mood" she helped load the washing machine ("Mommy, I want to help you do this EVERY day, remind me when you're going to do it, ok?") AND hang the clothes to dry. And both girls helped me weed in the flower (herb) beds for awhile this morning. Not to convince them that dishes are fun too LOL.

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