Saturday, June 21, 2008

This week's Homeschool (etc) Wrap-Up

Not much homeschooling, since we went to Campmeeting several days. We DID do circle time most days.

Campmeeting ended up being about every other day. Did both meetings on Wed. but I about went nuts entertaining the girls (& who are we kidding, *I* was bored out of my mind) for the time between the 2 meetings so we only did afternoon meeting from then on. It was chaotic, the girls seemed to not be participating, but they kept wanting to go back, and were sad to realize it was over today. The songs they refused to sing during campmeeting, they have been singing non-stop at home. So, I guess we'll at least tenatively plan to stay up there for the week next year (assuming less upheaval in our lives next spring LOL).

On Thurs I had a headache that I was concerned would get bad enough to not be able to safely drive home if we went up to campmeeting, so we stayed home. The girls were not happy, but finally agreed IF we could do a craft here at home. I dug through a box or two and found some wood boxes to glue little plastic "jewels" on top of (courtesy of old VBS stuff that was being thrown out & I salvaged LOL) they loved it & have been playing non-stop w/ the leftover plastic jewels AND their boxes ever since.

We knew that the girls' friend Hannah was up at campmeeting staying with friends, but hadn't been successful in finding her so yesterday we checked where the friends were staying and went to their campsite. Hannah was off fishing when we first stopped by but we saw her when we stopped back by after supper and we went over again & ate lunch w/ them today. So the girls were thrilled to get time w/ Hannah, and got to know Kate and Ally too (and it occurred to me as we were leaving today to tell them that Kate had been "Chip" (Chadder's young side-kick) at VBS last summer.

L's head seems to be healing up nicely (whew!) she worried me abit by complaining that it hurt (w/o touching it) last night, but she's been fine today so I think she'll live LOL.

The girls chose pancakes for supper tonight & Daddy obliged. Daddy's better than me about letting them do more when they help (perhaps because DADDY doesn't get to clean up the mess afterwards LOL) anyway, they were very excited to serve me the supper that THEY had made. I asked if I could just send them to the kitchen to cook meals now & they told me they still need a grown-up to turn the stove on & flip the pancakes but they could do the rest. They both made the batter & then L poured it onto the pan while A cooked Little Links. They even chose to finish cooking all the batter rather than eating once some were ready.

L just asked what I was doing & I said I was writing about our week & asked them what their favorite things this week are their answers:

L: campmeeting & seeing Hannah, and getting ice cream
A: the "Birthday Party for Jesus" at Campmeeting (and when A said that, L said that was her favorite too "I got a bunch of 'em" (favorites that is))

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