Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Hooks

Since moving into our new house I've discovered an absolute LOVE of hooks!! This house is 100 years old (give or take, I haven't heard a date) and has been a rental house for the last who knows how long & one thing that I've discovered all through this house is hooks! On the inside of most of the bedroom & closet doors, hooks . . . in the stairwell to the basement, hooks . . . in the basement (though not as many as I'd expect based on the rest of the house), hooks . . . AND I've discovered that hooks are wonderful things! Something that has ALWAYS been an issue for me is how to deal with clothes that I've worn once but will wear again before they're "dirty clothes" (throwing something in the laundry after only wearing it for a few hours means more work AND wears your clothes out faster). No matter how tidy the rest of my room has been, there's ALWAYS been a pile of "clurty" clothes somewhere in the room (and if I expect to have to show someone my room those clothes either go into the hamper anyway or get stashed out of sight somewhere). Hooks have solved that issue! Now both dh & I have hooks in our room (his on the back of the bedroom door, mine on the inside of the closet door) to hang our clurty clothes on. The back of the bedroom door (pictured) also has a lower set of hooks to hold dh's baseball caps (& my baseball cap, lest you think my husband might have a cap w/ a pink mickey on it). Hooks on the door of our school room hold the girls' binoculars and backpacks and other such things. Hooks in the basement stairwell (right off the kitchen) hold my mop & such (and I'm still trying to figure out how to hang the broom there, didn't brooms used to have hooks at the end of the handle? Mine doesn't . . . I need to decide if there's a way to add a hook to it or if I need to shop for a new broom LOL). Hooks in the coat closet hold my purse & keys. Hooks on a hidden wall of the kitchen hold the fly swatter . . . their uses are endless! And now that I've discovered the absolute usefulness of hooks I'm ready to start adding my own. The basement has some in the ceiling (that are holding my clothespin apron, and a hanging basket to store potatoes in) but I want more on the end of the shelving units and more from the ceiling to hang all kinds of things from. Since the upstairs hall closet houses art supplies & toys I want to add some hooks to hold painting smocks and such. . . . the possibilities are endless. Hooks cost almost nothing, get things up off the floor, can be put almost anywhere . . . they definitely work for me!

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Neat! You are right, they would be very useful...

Great Post!