Monday, June 9, 2008

It's HOT!!!!

I wrote this yesterday (Monday) afternoon, but for some reason it didn't post. We'll try again now :)

I so hope this isn't a hint of what this summer is going to be like! All weekend and now today it's been HOT!! Super duper, drenched with sweat the second I walk out the door, hot! And HUMID!! I can somewhat deal with heat (ok, not really) but I CAN. NOT. deal with humidity! Absolutely not! I went to college in TN, and loved it! But by the time the school year ended the humidity was starting & I was beyond ready to head north! Of course now I AM north (of TN anyway) and it's STILL too hot & humid & ICK!

We hadn't turned the a/c on yet when we left Thurs night to go to my parents' (& the old house) for the weekend. So I was dreading how hot the house would be when we got home last night. The main level was actually surprisingly comfortable. DH turned the a/c on, so I didn't see what the thermostat said (I think he told me, but remembering "stats" is by far NOT my strong point, I have no problem memorizing Bible passages, but then struggle like crazy to remember the text, and all through school, it was the text I'd glance at as the teacher said "clear your desks" and the text was the first thing I'd write on my paper, and THAT was how I survived such things. Then I'd rattle off the howeverlong Bible passage itself w/ no problem LOL). Anyway . . . main level was cool-ish, upstairs was HOT. But cooled down nicely once we got the a/c on.

Today the girls & I had to get all the herbs & such that we brought back from the old house (& a couple I bought while I was down there, though Walmart's selection was pretty pathetic) in the ground before they baked sitting in the pots we threw them in yesterday. Even at 9:30 this morning it was HOT out there! The girls were a great help, digging the holes and such. And we got everything in the ground, were delighted to find that, even though the only outside spigot is by the basement door, one of our hoses IS long enough to reach from there around to the front patio area to water the newly planted plants w/o having to use the watering can (ok, so the girls were abit disappointed about that, but a few good sprays w/ the hose snapped them out of it LOL). And since I'd rather thoroughly sprayed them down while watering the plants (hey, they were dirty from digging in the dirt anyway, might as well hose them down) I went ahead & hooked up the sprinkler after that & they spent the rest of the morning playing in the sprinkler in their clothes, much to their delight. I totally should've taken pictures, but I'm not sure where the camera is.

The minivan is full of stuff we brought up from the old house, but I'm not willing to brave the heat to unload it. So I'll be whining at myself this evening when the day is over & I just want to veg and instead I'm having to unload things. And, after being gone all weekend, I need to go to the grocery store before I can fix supper and I so don't want to get in a hot car, shop, then get BACK in a hot car to come home so I'm putting that off too . . . sigh . . .

On the positive side, my laundry dried in record time on the line today LOL. I must remember that hot days like today can be two load days LOL. I also took advantage of the basement being cooler and shifted stuff around down there (partially because the landlord's solution to the leaking washing machine was to say that they have an extra one in storage and will just come switch them out, so I figured I needed to shift things enough that they can get the new one in & the old one out (especially since, when he brought the dryer, it was just one guy & I got to help bring it in, not looking forward to helping w/ the washing machines, but guessing I'll get to). There's still a pile of empty boxes down there that I need to collapse, and still some boxes of pantry stuff that needs to be unpacked at some point (& the freezer, for that matter, it's mostly still in boxes in the freezer too LOL), but I shifted things such that I THINK anything that could be damaged by water isn't sitting directly on the floor (there was some water in the basement w/ last week's rain, though I couldn't tell where it had come from to know if there's a solution, will have to remember & go down DURING heavy rain next time & figure it out) and just so that it looks better & there's more floor space down there.

And of course, having my herbs up here is a positive thing! I also got a basil plant & a pepper plant over the weekend, so those are in the ground too. The pepper plant looked quite sad when I bought it, but was the best of the (3) sweet pepper plants that Walmart had, and I REALLY wanted to get a pepper plant since the girls like sweet peppers and they're in the "dirty dozen" of foods to ALWAYS buy organic & organic peppers are SOO expensive . . . so I took a chance. We actually watered it at the store, and then more when we got back to the old house and by the time we got home with it last night it was looking just fine. So I'm hopeful that it will do fine now that it's in the ground and can continue to get daily watering.

Thankfully the weather report is saying one more day of this super hot weather & then it'll be back down in the 80s for the rest of the week, which is much more livable in my book LOL.

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