Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things kids say . . . (& do)

Little things the kids have said or done recently that I don't want to forget:

  • This morning for some reason A was missing our old house. She said "I'll always miss our old house, it's the house I grew up in." When I asked if she was all done growing up L said "Mom, it's a 'pression" (expression, for those who don't speak kid-ese).
  • The girls are "teaching" campmeeting to their dolls, singing songs, telling stories, playing simon says . . .
  • L asked me if I can find another apple cake recipe "that doesn't take so long"
  • The first words out of L's mouth this morning were "Mama & Papa are coming TONIGHT!!" then she went & looked outside and came back & told me she could see the moon "so night must be SOON!!" (never mind that she & I were the only ones even awake yet today LOL)
  • Last night A lost out on getting a popsicle because she didn't put her outside toys away when asked. L asked me if she could share a bite of hers w/ A. I love it when they spontaneously offer things like that :) (& yes, I feel the lesson of selfless giving is more important than whatever lesson I'm teaching by withholding something)
  • Our dining room has become the holding ground for a bunch of stuff dh is wanting to sell on ebay including some "collector" cereal boxes (w/ some sports person on them). The girls saw the cereal & asked what it was for. I quickly (before they could (horror of horrors) tear the "valuable" box open) said "don't touch those, they're daddy's!" the girls then wanted to know when Daddy eats that cereal. I told them "he doesn't eat it, he just looks at it" to which they got a very confused look on their faces & said "WHY?" (that, my dear, I can't explain LOL)
  • A couldn't get dressed or eat breakfast this morning until she had "packed" for Sesame Place (no, we're not going to Sesame Place until tomorrow, she likes to plan ahead LOL).

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Cereal you just look at?! That's a very cute story!