Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good & Bad

First, the good. We found a farm not too far away that sells raw milk, cheese and pastured eggs at prices that are in line with what we were paying before we moved (the other places I'd contacted, in addition to being VERY slow to respond (which made me leary of making appointments & such) were much higher prices than we'd paid when we were in MD). So the girls finally have their "healthy milk" back.

Now the not so good. L managed to slip and fall on the driveway (where she shouldn't have been) this evening & somehow only minorly scraped her knee but gouged a hole in her forehead. I sent A to help her back to the house and A got there & said "her HEAD is bleeding!!" So I went to check it out . Lots of blood of course, but once we cleaned it up, not as bad as I thought. L kept asking to see the "boo-boo" so finally I sent A (official nurse/go-fer) to get the hand mirror out of the bathroom, L took one look at her forehead & said "I don't want to see any more boo-boos!" She's quite proud that her knee boo-boo took THREE bandaids (minor scrape covering lots of territory, honestly would've been fine w/o a bandaid but you know kids & bandaids. . . I think the biggest challenge w/ the head boo-boo will be getting her to leave it alone so it can heal.

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