Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Finally, we'll actually be here for a full week (I think). DH is planning to come home for lunch most days, but will be working late, so one or two of the suppers are things he's not fond of that I figure he can eat leftovers from previous nights when he gets home, since he'll be reheating anyway. On Saturday we'll be going to "campmeeting" about half an hour away, so I'm thinking we'll take a picnic (though if it's as hot as it is today, we may opt to eat in the air conditioned car on the way home LOL). Anyway . . . here's this week's tentative menu

To see other menus for this week check out orgjunkie.

Recipes for this week include:

Garden Dinner Casserole
Crockpot Pintos
Shepherd's Pie
Pizza Crust (for pizza & calzones)
I'm going to try a new pasta salad recipe this week, but haven't decided which one. One of these though, probably "tweaked" for whatever veggies I might have on hand &/or I think my family will eat though.

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