Thursday, June 12, 2008

I think we've upset the neighbors . . .

Didn't take us long huh? Thankfully (since most of our neighbors are also dh's co-workers) we've only upset a couple of the bird neighbors :)

Interestingly, not until this week. There's a pair (I think, I normally only see one at a time, but I'm pretty sure there are 2) of barn swallows (per dh, I haven't looked it up in a bird book, but I assume he knows what he's talking about) who seem rather perturbed that there's semi-constant activity on the front porch so they can't build a nest in peace here. There's an old nest up in the corner (been there since we moved in, no bird activity in it) so I'm guessing that either they came back to their "home" after a winter down south, and are annoyed that their nesting site is now occupied by humans &/or they were hunting for a nesting site this past weekend, found, and liked, our porch, and were all set to build here and then we came home & now they can't. Either way, they seem rather annoyed at us "interlopers" many many times a day they fly up under the roof of the porch and kind of seem to be looking around, sometimes they land up on the wall right by the roof . . . it's cool to see them up close, even if they do appear annoyed at our presence LOL.

In other bird news, yesterday when I was hanging up the laundry I noticed an occupied nest in the tree right above the clothesline. Thinking I'll need to check the clean clothes that get hung on that end of the line for the rest of the summer.

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