Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today was the start of Campmeeting (well, last night was, but no kids' meetings last night so we didn't go). The girls weren't so sure about going, they didn't have much memory overall of what campmeeting is about, and I couldn't prepare them too much, having no idea how things were run at this one) but going up yesterday morning (nothing was "happening" yet, but dh needed to take stuff up & it let the girls (& me) get abit of a feel for the campus before the chaos of today) helped.

Today was long (9:30-12:15 is a LONG program for little kids), but I think the girls enjoyed it overall. They were sad that there wasn't a craft (their favorite part of Sabbath School) but got over it w/o a meltdown. I asked if they wanted to go to the afternoon meeting & they decided that it was "too long" and they were done for today but they do want to go up another day. So we'll check out a weekday meeting and see what they think of that. The songs were more age appropriate (IMO) than the ones at the campmeeting we went to last year (content was fine, but they were songs my kids didn't know (they were songs I learned in Primary or beyond, not Beginners/Kindergarten) and had enough variety of words/verses that non-readers couldn't sing along, so my kids were frustrated at not being able to participate. This year's songs were either songs they knew or songs w/ few words, much repetition that they could easily figure out to follow along after hearing it once, and they sang most songs several times as is typical of the younger kid songs) and were scattered through the program. There were some "glitches" in the sign-in/sign-out process that I could make suggestions to smooth over, but overall I'd call it a success, whew!

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