Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Xpenser

Last time I actually wrote a post for a non-themed Works-for-me Wednesday I told you about I'm still loving it's convenience!!

And one way it's convenient is helping me with budgeting. is another free program that I found through Jott. Xpenser lets you set up various reports. To record your expenses. I have mine set up so that the default report is the current month, and I linked my xpenser account to Jott. So when I get done grocery shopping, for example, I can call Jott, say I want to Jott to Xpenser and then leave a message like this: Groceries $10 Giant and it automatically adds an entry to my Xpenser report using that day's date, the category Groceries, amount $10 and whatever else I say goes in the notes section (in the above example, the name of the grocery store). I also will mention in the notes which cc, if any, I used or anything else relevant. Jott also leaves me an e-mail reminding me that I Jotted to Xpenser so I can make sure the voice recognition understood all the words or add additional details if I want. Then at the end of the month I set up a new report for the new month and set it as the default report and export the previous month's report into excel to sort by category & such, so I have record of what our spending is. Having an instant way to record each expenditure instead of trying to keep track of receipts to record later works for me!

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