Saturday, November 24, 2007

A few changes/new things

I've been playing with my blog abit recently, and wanted to point out a few new features.

Small, random thing, as I think about it, I'll add other books that I've read in the past to the "books I've read" list, then when I'm bored, I'll write reviews of them, though probably not as detailed as when I write a review right after I finish a book LOL.

I also set up a separate blog for recipes I use, or want to try. I've learned a few times, the hard way, that just linking to recipes, etc. on other sites can sometimes be unreliable, so for recipes that I know I want to keep, I'll give credit, but include them, along with my notes, in the recipe blog. There's a link to it in the links section of this site.

And, my newest "toy", I discovered LibraryThing and I'm going to slowly add all our books into it. Yes, this will be a HUGE job! And I doubt I'll finish it anytime soon. But in the meantime, you can search my library if you're bored (and if I can figure out how to get it to configure correctly, I'll set it up to show a few random books from my library as well, but for now it's not configuring correctly, and troubleshooting html isn't my strong point) and feel free to ask if I can give a "review" of any books you see (but I don't guarantee to be able to give a review of every book in my library LOL).

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