Saturday, November 10, 2007

This week's wrap up

Sundown snuck up on me last night. I think I mentioned most of our "homeschooling" as we did it this past week.

Friday the girls helped me take the sheets off their beds, L chose to put her "winter sheets" (flannel) on, A decided to stick with the ones she's had on. Typical of A to be more resistant to change, even with small things. Though I thought the purple snowmen on the flannel sheets might be an incentive.

Circle time, included several devotional stories again, the girls are really enjoying the Bible we're reading out of, and I'm really glad to be finally getting them a sense of Biblical chronology (have I mentioned how annoyed I am that the SS lessons are no longer chronological for the young kids? And add to that inconsistency in terminology, this quarter I've had to explain what a "believer" is and having finally figured that out, this past week's lesson switched the terminology to Christians). We also looked through "A Drop of Water" and talked more about water.

Anyway . . . Kindermusik went well overall. I'd told them after the last class that I would stay in the room but would sit on a chair along the side of the room, rather then in the circle with them. L especially was being too distracted by my being right there, so I explained that since they were paying attention to me, instead of Miss L when I was with them in the circle, I'd be sitting in the "chairs for mommies" from now on & if that still was distracting I'd sit in the hall w/ the other mommies. So, yesterday we tried with me sitting in a chair in the room. They did very well overall, they each had something that sent them back to my lap for awhile, in A's case they were playing a game and someone "tagged" A after she was where she was "safe", the game was actually over anyway, and A didn't have to be "it" but she still freaked. Ended up sitting on my lap for the next while, then finally joined back in. L got bumped somewhere along the line and was all dramatic about being "hurt", so spent awhile on my lap because of that. But overall, it went well.

Did I mention previously that we poured candles in sea shells? The girls had great fun being more actively involved in the candle process. Not surprisingly the candles are pink & purple, A chose rose, L chose strawberry for the scents. They were also very excited that there was extra wax so they each ended up with a tealight as well. Thurs night we lit one of L's candles while they went to sleep.

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