Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sick Kid, and Papa's Birthday

Yesterday morning, L slept in until 8:30 (and even then, I think A woke her up) and was more subdued than normal, but said she was just tired. Partway through church, she told me her tummy hurt, so we went to the bathroom, but she said that didn't help, and that she wanted to leave. So we left. We got to my parents' house (today is Dad's birthday, so we went up yesterday to celebrate) and L laid down on the sofa for a little while, she'd looked up and somehow looked like she might throw up, so I asked if she needed to, and she didn't answer, I asked if she wanted to cuddle on my lap & she came over & crawled up on my lap, just in time to throw up all over me LOL. I have to say though, that dealing w/ kid throw up is much easier with dh & my mom around than when I'm alone w/ the kids. Mom brought me a bowl to catch the rest, and a towel to mop things up, dh got l some water to rinse her mouth out & such. So, all in all, it was an easy clean-up. we stripped her clothes off, except her tights, and she curled back up on teh sofa under a blanket and went to sleep. I blotted off what had gotten on me (but most, I'd managed to catch in my hand, and dump into the bowl), and all was well. L wanted orange juice to drink instead of water, so I added a LITTLE orange juice to the glass of water dh had brought (so it was very diluted), and that satisfied her, and she drank most of it. She slept for the next 1/2 hr or so while we got dinner ready and waited for my grandparents to get home from church. Then soon after we started eating, she asked for a clean shirt (so I went out & got the "emergency clothes" out of the car) & joined us at the table, asked for some pasta & alfredo sauce, and some juice, but didn't really eat/drink any of it. We decided to put off the cake & ice cream until suppertime (which works well anyway, since on Sabbath we generally have a very large meal after church, and then just "snacky stuff" (popcorn, fruit, etc) for supper, so we had more room for the cake after supper anyway) since L seemed to think she should eat dessert w/ the rest of us and we didn't really want to have to clean up chocolate cake if it came back up LOL. But all afternoon she was fine, played with A, ate 2 bowls of pasta & alfredo sauce over the course of the afternoon, rode her riding toy out to my grandparents' house w/ my mom & A . . . was totally herself. Didn't eat a ton at supper, but she'd been eating off and on during the afternoon, and so by then, she was able to eat cake & ice cream with the rest of us, which made her happy :)

My dad collects coins, and this year as the presidential dollar coins have come out, he's been teaching the girls the names of the presidents in order, it's worked well to get them interested in American history as well, they were interested to see old pictures of a trip we took when they were 2 1/2 when we went to G Washington's birthplace (among other things) and asked why there weren't any pictures inside (were all of them running around in the fields LOL) and I said they hadn't wanted to go inside, and they assured me that "NOW I'd want to see his house!" we've also talked about taking a trip to Mt Vernon, and they're excited at the idea of that, so we need to find time to do that sometime. Anyway, mom gave Dad the book to collect/display the presidential dollar coins in for his birthday, so last night the girls got to help Papa put the first 4 coins in the book, and added the 4th president to the list they can name (James Madison just came out last week).

So overall, a good day, despite the sickies. And L seems fine today.

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