Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just a typical day . . .

This morning the girls were playing outside. I will never understand why, when they are bouncing off the walls wanting to RUN when we're in the house, the second we go outside they gravitate toward non-movement activities, or at least low movement. Instead of riding bikes or running in circles or SOMETHING active, they took their babies for a walk, then sat on the curb across the cul de sac from our house for quite some time, then A managed to catch a grasshopper (she's caught them rather frequently lately, I'm going to assume that the cold makes them slow, since I can't quite fathom a 4 yr old being fast enough to consistently catch a grasshopper. Then again, personally, I can't fathom WANTING to catch a bug of any sort, but my children apparently didn't inherit my dislike of bugs). That poor grasshopper was WELL tortured, but more amusing to me, if I hadn't happened to notice, the girls were all set to leave the grasshopper, complete w/ grass to eat (I think) IN our mailbox!!! Our poor mailman, someday he's going to open our mailbox and have something fly out at him LOL.

We went to the library today & one of the books L chose was probably from the "very young" section, and each page of the whole book shows a picture of an animal and the words on that page just say what sound that animal says, so the first page shows a picture of a cat and says "cats purr". L was looking at that book on the way home from the library and started on that first page and sounded it out (she already knew cat, so just had to figure out purr, I helped her w/ what u says and she took it from there). That gave her the "concept" of the book, so some she could just figure out from looking at the pictures, but she did at least look at the first letter of each animal's name name and sound, so if it said something other then what she was expecting (it said "bears snore" and she was expecting "roar") she sounded the word out. Obviously needed some help since English is far from phonetic and this wasn't written as an early reader (to only have phonetic words), but overall she did amazingly well. I'm going to get some of the Bob Books back out (got them awhile back when they were showing interest in sight reading, but they just memorized what each page said based on the pictures and never looked at the words), and see if she wants to practice reading w/ those.

We got home and L put 3 Duplo blocks together to form a "video camera" and was videoing A giving some sort of lecture, watching them play provides me with endless amusement :)

Last weekend mom had some extra bananas that she gave us because I'd mentioned that I'd been wanting to make banana oatmeal cookies. When I asked the girls, while they were busy playing, if they wanted to help me make cookies, A told me, "no, you can make them by yourself, we'll just help eat them" hmmmm . . .

Hee hee, the girls are playing school in the kitchen. Apparently I'm the principal and for some reason they needed to sneak through "my office" (the family room). So they were "sneaking" across the family room while I sat on the sofa typing this entry. As they walked through the family room I suddenly yelled "boo"!!! It was PRICELESS!!! L literally jumped up into the air it startled her so bad, and A jumped back several inches. Of course they've now decided that this is a great game & think I should yell "boo" every few seconds and can't figure out why it doesn't work as well when they're waiting for me to do it LOL. And yes, this IS how I get my entertainment!

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