Saturday, November 3, 2007

Odds & Ends

We decided to let the girls swim for abit this morning. So while I wait for them, some odds & ends about our trip in general that I'm not sure I mentioned in previous posts:

  • Comfort Suites, Orlando is a very nice hotel. Breakfast is beyond chaotic, but offers a better selection for the non-meat-eater than most of the "Savory Selections" breakfasts I've been to. Pool is wonderful! Our room was VERY conveniently located a few steps from the pool area AND breakfast. The room was nicely laid out, although they crammed a king bed into a "nook" designed for a queen, nobody bigger than a toothpick could get out on dh's side of the bed due to the a/c unit being there. But overall, if this hotel is still reasonable points next time we come (& we stay at a Choice Hotel) I would come here again.
  • Apparently in Europe men wear capris. The first man I saw wearing them, I thought he was just ummm . . . marching to the beat of his own drum. But over the course of our trip I've seen several men, all European (based on accent &/or the fact that I couldn't understand what they were saying LOL) wearing them, so apparently it's a European thing.
  • There is no way on this green earth I would let my children (or myself) have their hair done at the Disney "beauty spa" thingy-ma-bob!! I'd heard/read about it, where you pay outrageous amounts, bring along a "princess dress" (or buy one there), and have the stylists at DW turn your dd into a "princess" by doing their hair & make-up. Having seen many such little girls over the past week, NO WAY!!! The amount of teasing & hairspray just makes me CRINGE!! I can't imagine that you would EVER get all that out of their hair! I love how easy my girls' hair is to care for having not had any products in it (other than 100% natural stuff) since they were babies (and I didn't know better), I shudder to think of the permanent damage all that teasing & "gunk" would do to their hair.
  • The amount of money the average family spends in a day at Disney World continues to boggle my mind! While waiting for the girls to meet Jasmine & Alladin, I added up the cost of the "complete" Jasmine costume (mind you I saw MANY little girls running around DW decked out in a "complete" princess costume & I would suspect that Jasmine is one of the cheaper ones, though they may be all the same, but her "genie" outfit seems less elaborate than the deluxe princess gowns) and it was in the range of $150!! Food is, of course, overpriced, and then there's all the other stuff for sale there and people walking around w/ bags & bags & bags of it . . . I just can't fathom it! (I also can't fathom spending $60+ for a princess dress & then allowing my child to go on rides, eat ice cream, play on playgrounds, etc in it . . . my girls' clothes were FILTHY most days & my long skirts got caught on rides getting in & out plenty of times, I'd think these little girls in the long/huge dresses would get them caught on stuff & tear it!
  • There's more but my mind is blank & we need to be leaving . . .

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