Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The girls just asked me if we're going anywhere today. I told them I hadn't planned to (we also didn't go anywhere yesterday, I figure all 3 of us need some "down time" after last week LOL). To which L said, "Ahhhh, today & tomorrow (she meant yesterday) are the days that I've been wishing for for all the years, (big content sigh). . . I made my wish come true!" I think you kind of had to be there to get the inflections and such, but it was SOOO cute/funny! She HAS asked pretty frequently in the last few months for a day to just stay home, though generally in relation to not wanting to do quiet time in the car LOL.

Anyway, nice to know she appreciates the down time too.

We've done very little "school" this week. The girls have been doing lots of the imaginative play that they didn't have time for last week while we were gone. We did circle time yesterday, so did at least intro the new unit. And we planted the bulbs yesterday afternoon.

I've decided that since it still LOOKS very much like fall here, we'll hold off on switching to a winter nature table until the leaves are at least off the trees. Our unseasonably warm weather earlier in the fall has delayed things I think . . .

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