Thursday, November 8, 2007

This week so far . . .

I meant to mention in my last post, but forgot. One day this week (Tues, I think, but days run together LOL) the girls essentially "made" lunch. We were having fried rice (from Trader Joe's super yummy frozen fried rice). I put the fried rice in a pan & had gotten as far as cracking the eggs into a bowl to stir up before putting them in a 2nd frying pan, when the girls decided they wanted to help. L stirred the fried rice while A used a fork to "whisk" the eggs prior to pouring them in the pan. Then A finished stirring the fried rice while L added her "whisking" and then poured the eggs into the pan and did the majority of the "scrambling" and watching them while they cooked. Obviously this all required very close supervision, but they had the steps down and did most of the "work" of it. Next time I make rice & beans I'm going to cook extra rice and the next day we'll try making our own fried rice with the leftover rice.

Overall it's been a very laid back week, school-wise. We did do circle time this morning. The Devotional reading this morning was all but the last of the 10 plagues of Egypt (though I think their math was messed up, they talked about sea to blood and frogs, then said there were "8 more plagues" then ended with a "cliff hanger" saying the Lord sent the 10th plague that Pharoah couldn't refuse. Now, the way I count, after frogs & before death of firstborn were only 7, but anyway . . . the girls didn't want to wait till tomorrow to find out what the last plague was, so we read another story, and another, and another . . . they also recognized the story of the manna as being one of their recent SS lesson stories.

Also during circle time, we pulled out the shells that my dad dug out of the garage for me (from my grandmother's stuff) and they were really interested in talking about them. There'd been brief mention at sea world about pearls in clam shells, so we had to discuss that in great depth and such. If the girls don't get too busy playing, later today we'll pour candles in some of the shells. I think we're also going to go ahead & change out the nature table but go for more of a "water" theme for now, I think the colors will lend themselves to transition into winter. So for now we'll put the shells that we don't turn into candles on the nature table.

I also set up new chore charts with daily and weekly chores for the girls to help with. I introduced that at circle time today as well. Today's "weekly" chores were helping me mop the kitchen floor (they did really well at working together to carry not only their chairs, but also their bench & table, and some of the big chairs, into the family room so they'd be out of the way. They also cleaned up the floor under/around their art table w/o the normal whining) and cleaning the oven door. We'll see how this goes, going forward . . .

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