Friday, November 23, 2007

"I'm just waiting for my daughter"

Background info: My kids have the ability to spend a VERY long time going to the bathroom. So there have been several instances where I've stood for long periods of time in a public bathroom while one (or both) of my kids is in a stall). I've learned, from this, that there is absolutely NOWHERE to stand in a public restroom that doesn't give the appearance of being in line to use a stall. So, I end up standing there and, every time a person walks into the bathroom they "get in line" behind me, and I have to tell them, "go ahead, I'm just waiting for my daughter(s)"

So, at the moment in their imaginary play, A is the mommy & L is the "big girl". I'm not real clear where they "are" at the moment, but apparently somewhere in public, so that, when L needed to go to the bathroom, A walked her to our powder room and is now standing outside our powder room door telling imaginary people, every few seconds, "I'm just waiting for my daughter". It's probably a "gotta be here" kind of humor, but it is TOO funny!!!!

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