Thursday, November 15, 2007


Something that just crossed my mind . . . my children have been, for quite some time, desperate to "collect something" we've made random suggestions but nothing really stuck & most of their ideas were impractical (a leaf collection, while lovely in the fall, isn't really an ongoing kind of thing . . .) anyway, awhile back my mom, who has heard the "I wish *I* had a collection" lament many times, had a lovely brainstorm. Whenever mom & dad go on trips (since the girls have been old enough to notice & miss them) they've sent postcards to the girls while they are gone. And while I don't promise that we have ALL the postcards they've sent, most of them had been collecting in the girls' "baskets that hold random stuff" so, mom suggested that they could collect postcards, finally an idea that the girls liked! I took them shopping the next day & let them help pick out small photo albums (the kind that holds one picture per page) for them to keep their postcards in & we came home and put the ones they had into their new albums. And then when we were in FL, pretty much the only souvenir shopping we did was to let each girl choose a postcard from Sea World and one from Disneyworld. So . . . if you happen to travel to interesting places (or live in interesting places) and would like to send the girls postcards, I'm sure they'd be excited to add to their collection and we can have little geography lessons at the same time.

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