Thursday, November 1, 2007

Four days down, one to go . . .

And thankfully today was the longest day & is BEHIND us!! That said, the girls had an AWESOME day!!! When I finally got around to looking online at the MGM shows I realized there's an Ariel show AND a Belle show there. So, we went to MGM this morning, went to the Beauty & the Beast show, L was in HEAVEN!!!! She was on my lap & kept saying "take a picture of THAT" which explains ALL the pictures of that show (I'll try to edit them down some before I post them).

Then we headed to the Ariel show. Had a moment of tantrum potential when they announced no flash photography but Daddy decided he could take pictures in the dark w/o a flash (and then gave up & handed me the camera), we didn't get tons of pictures, and murphy's law being what it is A tended to bump my hand with the "kodak moment" shots which doesn't work well w/ the long shutter times of photography in the dark), but hopefully enough to keep her happy.

When we left Ariel, JoJo & Goliath were doing photo ops and had a short line so we took pictures with them before heading back to Magic Kingdom.

The afternoon at Magic Kingdom went well, we re-did some rides, and did some new ones. I had a hard time talking them into Small World, but they were enthralled throughout it! L did amazingly well at recognizing the various countries too. We drove the race cars, note to self, letting a 4 yr old "drive" = a very jerky ride. And then L decided she wanted to go get pictures taken with the Princesses (the same place where we got pics with Goofy, Donald & Pluto on Tues, has a separate line for pictures with 3 Princesses). Line was LONG/SLOW and girls were RESTLESS but when we finally got to the front of the line they sent us in all by ourselves and the princesses not only took pictures with the girls, but took time to talk to them as well. Princesses were Cinderella, Belle & Aurora. I know they're paid to make each little girl feel special, but they seemed pretty tickled with the twins wearing princess shirts. L&A were in awe. As we were leaving Aurora (last one) Belle suggested that they do a picture of all 3 princesses with the girls, which I don't think they usually do, there was more "confusion" about setting it up than I would have expected if they always did that. The photographers were "pushier" than I've encountered before on this trip, so that made it hard for me to get decent pictures (& I'm way too cheap to buy their pictures LOL). But I did get some pictures.

The girls were EXHAUSTED tonight, we ended up carrying them most of the way back (which thankfully was just from train stop to train stop (took the train from Toontown to Main Street, carried kids from there to Monorail station, then from monorail station to tram stop and from tram stop to car). I think they were both asleep before we were out of the parking lot & didn't stir when we carried them in & put them to bed (which isn't at all unusual at home, but I wasn't sure how well they'd transfer to hotel beds).

DH doesn't think the girls would like Animal Kingdom as much as more time at Magic Kingdom, so we're just going to spend tomorrow at Magic Kingdom again, and then head home. Whew, I'm exhausted!!! DH said he doesn't know when he's ever walked this much LOL.

And now I'm off to add today's pictures to the same link I've been using all week (too lazy to look it up again at the moment).

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