Thursday, November 8, 2007


For nature today, the curriculum recommended taking a walk along a stream and imagining we were following the stream to the river to the ocean. While we have a stream/creek right behind our house, the trees/brush along it's bank means it's hard to walk along it where you can actually SEE it, so instead we walked down to the bridge & stood on the bridge. Then we pretended we were fairies and could shrink ourselves down teenie tiny, then jumped on one of the big leaves that was on the bridge (big oak (?) leaves bigger than my hand! I wish I'd found them during our fall unit, we would have used them for some of the art stuff LOL. Of course w/ our weird weather they probably didn't start falling till our unit was done, sigh) and rode the leave down into the creek & floated on our leaf boat down the creek, once we got to the ocean we had great fun riding dolphins and whales & visiting with fish, all near the surface and then, since fairies can hold their breath for a VERY LONG TIME (gotta love mythical creatures that aren't bound by the laws of nature LOL) we dove down to the ocean floor where we visited with crabs, sting rays, and mermaids.

Then L decided we needed to go up on the sand so we rode a wave in to the beach where we visited w/ sand crabs, and toured a sand castle before calling a friendly sea gull to fly us back to the bridge behind our house where we made ourselves big again and headed home.

The girls had great fun with our imaginary adventure & L immediately asked when we can go on another "journey" LOL.

In other imaginary news, the girls have been planning a "feast" today, complete with figuring out the menu & guest list. It's going to be a "feast to celebrate God and creation" as best as I can tell.

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