Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The ongoing Christmas Tree saga . . .

We apparently aren't supposed to actually get our Christmas tree up this year, at least not in my normal "right after Thanksgiving" timeframe. My parents did their part and delivered their tree to dh on Monday, but somehow between dh & I, we haven't managed to actually get the tree here & in the house yet (it was in dh's car Mon night but I didn't think to have him bring it in, then yesterday he got a nail in his tire, so he drove something else home last night until they could get the tire fixed in the car the tree is in, and of course, didn't think to x-fer the tree to the car he drove home, so even when I remembered to ask him about going out to get the tree, it was half an hour away, not here, so that didn't happen . . .)

Which was all fine, because my best guess of what happened to the top 2/3 of our tree is that it got mixed up w/ one of the Beginner SS trees at church, so I mentioned all this to the Beginners leader & she was planning to go to the church today to decorate the Beginners room for Christmas. Since my girls adore playing w/ her kids, and more hands make things go much quicker, I was going to meet her at the church, help her decorate the room, and at the same time, see if I could find my tree. SO . . . when dh said he'd forgotten the tree last night, I figured that worked out well, it gave me an excuse to put it off until after I checked at the church for my tree (because my tree is MUCH easier to set up, if i have all the pieces, than my parents' tree) but now that's not happening . . . .so we shall see . . . but we're still treeless, sigh . . .

In an odd switch, I DO have our Christmas letter written, but was wanting to at least take a stab at getting the girls to sit in front of the tree for a picture to include, we'll see if that happens. I *have* decided that the whole "saving paper" ecological argument is a lovely argument for sending e-mail Christmas letters for those on my list who have e-mail addresses, so that will make the actual sending of the Christmas letters not take nearly as long as when I actually did them all by hand :) And I think the girls will enjoy helping to put stamps & such on the ones that I do mail.

Other Christmas decorating and such is kind of stalled waiting for the tree, since all the decorations are packed together and somehow getting the ornaments out before the tree is up strikes me as an overall recipe for disaster. But if it doesn't happen soon, I might at least have to go digging for our Christmas CDs (just thought of somewhere else that at least a couple might be), I think the girls are old enough to enjoy learning Christmas carols and I love Christmas music anyway :)

This summer I DID manage to find the sticker advent calendars that I got in an after Christmas sale when the girls were 9 mo old so we have those to use this year, and my mom gave the girls an advent calendar from where she works that has a small book that tells part of the Christmas story. The girls are excited about it and can't wait to start in on Sabbath. I had been wanting to pour a set of Advent candles to use this year, but I've been busy pouring candle orders and I think between the sticker calendar and the book calendar we'll just stick w/ that for this year. Next year I want to do the Advent candles, complete with daily readings or a Jesse tree, I have a year to decide which LOL.

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