Monday, November 5, 2007

Starting a New Unit - Water in our World

Those who were paying close attention might have noticed that the "current homeschooling resources" list changed. We're beginning the first of our winter units this week. The theme is "Water in Our World". It occurred to me that I could get more use out of our celestial silk canopy by pretending it was water for this unit. So last night I made felt fish finger puppets that I slipped over the stars that are hanging down. Granted there are still stars & such on the upper canopy, but the girls should be happy with this.

Art emphasis is collage art. I have the recommended book, but will pick and choose since alot of it I don't think will interest the girls much.

We'll focus more on the handwork this unit since the majority of it is making Christmas gifts, which I think the girls will enjoy and can actually help with/do more than alot of the handwork projects in previous units. Near the end of the unit the handwork focus is on quilting, which we'll skip.

Nature emphasis is a combination of water-related things, container gardening, and snow (most of which will likely have to be postponed since we very rarely get snow in Nov/Dec.).

Religion will continue to be reading through the Read and Learn Bible I'm also intrigued by this suggestion for scripture memorization. For each unit up until now I've chosen a poem that coincides with the theme &/or season and read it daily as part of circle time. I noticed this past unit, that even though it was quite a long poem (previous units were generally only 3-4 lines) by the end the girls were quoting it along with my reading. So in addition to the weekly memory verse for church, we'll have a longer passage that we'll read each day during circle time throughout the unit (I'm thinking the Christmas story).

Circle time emphasis will be on Thanksgiving for this month.

Books for this unit:
The Seashore Book
Scuffy the Tugboat
The Popcorn Shop
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
Little Cloud
Snowflake Bentley
The Snow Speaks
Sun Bread
The Water Hole
The Desert is Theirs
In the Small, Small Pond
A Cool Drink of Water
The Hermit and the Well
Blueberry Shoes
The Quiltmaker's Gift
Oma's Quilt
Here Are My Hands

ETA: Here are additional books that I'm adding to the unit:
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott (not sure if they have the attention span for it, but would like to try it at least)
Winter Waits
Peter and Lotta's Christmas (will use this next month)
I also need to look in the girls' bookshelf upstairs, I THINK we have 1 or 2 children's books that tell the Thanksgiving story, so will use those, or get something from the library as well.

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