Friday, November 30, 2007

Putting on a Play

A month or so ago Sam's had LED Christmas lights, so I grabbed a box, thinking one box would be enough (I desperately wanted to switch to LED lights last Christmas but the only place I found white ones (I'm not a fan of colored lights on trees) the price was insane, so I stuck w/ regular lights last year. But was excited to find white LED lights at Sam's when the Christmas stuff started coming out this year). Then we had the whole tree fiasco, and I finally last night, set up our borrowed tree, and I was 1 strand short :( So, today I went to Sam's (needed eggs anyway)to get another box of lights (figured I could use the other 2 strands outside or on the banister or something) and they don't have them anymore :( They have 1001 OTHER LED lighting options, snowflakes, icicles lights, stakes to stick in your yard . . . I'm not sure what all, but NOT plain old tree lights. So I stopped at Walmart, and didn't find ANY LED lights there (they had the colored ones last year, just not plain white). So I gave up and came home. We had put off decorating the tree entirely too long already (& I'm not at all hopeful at finding white LED lights at a price I'm willing to pay anyway, so why put it off). So . . . I went looking for the non-LED lights to use for the final strand. The box that had the lights in it, also had the Veggie Tales Nativity that my aunt & uncle gave the girls for Christmas last year and the girls were thrilled to find it. Last year they didn't really get "role playing" in the sense of using puppets or whatever to act out a story, but now they do, and they know the story enough to (sort of) tell it from memory. So they set up a bunch of other toys as the "audience" and just finished acting out the Christmas story with the Veggie Tales set.

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