Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things that make me giggle . . .

Just a couple little things that have tickled me the last couple days:

Awhile back in the dollar section at Target, we found Ariel & Princess "purses" that the girls had to have. I noticed a few days ago that A's (Ariel, for those who can't keep track of the obsessions) was full of, what looked to me to be random, wood blocks. Didn't think much of it, they often fill baskets, boxes, bags, backpacks with random stuff. So then later A was sitting on the sofa next to her purse & I glanced up to see her using one of the tall round blocks like lip balm. I asked what she was doing, and she got the cute, kind of embarrassed look that she so often does when I intrude on their imaginary play, but it was too cute!

This morning A came in after dh had left for work but before L & I had gotten up (L came into our bed sometime in the night/early morning, and went back to sleep). A got in bed with us for a little while but was wiggly enough that I decided she & I better get up before she woke L up. When we got up, I saw that she had brought all her babies (she carries FIVE dolls around these days, 3 in a basket and 2 in her arms) in with her & while the 3 in the basket were still in their basket, the other 2 (Pizza & Jean for those who are interested in their names) she'd laid on the foot of our bed and adjusted the duvet such that they were all "tucked in". It was really cute.

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