Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up

It seems like we spent all week trying to figure out when/what we were doing with the Christmas tree. We finally got it up & decorated on Friday. The girls thoroughly enjoyed decorating it, and re-discovering all our ornaments. They're old enough now to ask about the significance of the various ornaments, so I had fun telling them about at least some of them. They also observed that "all Daddy's ornaments are about sports" yup, pretty much.

We also went to the church this week so I could help Miss Kim in the SS room. While I did that A&L went w/ Kim's daughter, Hannah and did "crafts". They absolutely adore Hannah so happily played with her the whole time we were there, and were sad that we had to leave. And apparently Hannah (who is 9, so I worry that she'll get tired of them following her around) asked, as we were leaving, if she could come to our house while Kim took the rest of the kids to the library. It didn't work out, I was going grocery shopping, not straight home, and Kim didn't want to have to come to the other side of town to pick her up, but at least seemed to indicate that Hannah truly does enjoy spending time with the girls.

Yesterday in church I noticed that the church was having a skate night last night, so we decided to go to that. The girls decided they needed to "practice" first, so they skated outside at our house for awhile in the afternoon and then Daddy took them to the church for skate night while I went grocery shopping, and then joined the VBS planning meeting taking place during skate night.

When we unpacked the ornaments we also found a 24 pc nativity jigsaw puzzle that they'd gotten for Christmas last year. A really got into it, figured it out all by herself and has been doing it at least twice a day the last couple of days. L did it once, w/ some help, and then was done.

When A was being less than thrilled that I was going grocery shopping w/o her last night, I explained that the weather report was saying we might get ice or snow overnight, so I needed to go to the grocery store before the roads got icy. So this morning, the second she was out of bed, A went to the window, looked out, and said "there's no ice or snow, you could have gone to the grocery store today!" Well yes, dear but. . . :)

Today I pulled out a candycane pick-up-sticks game I'd gotten on clearance a couple years ago. It took them a couple times through to figure out the strategy of it, and A seems to "get" it better than L at this point, L is more concerned about getting red ones (since red is like pink) then actually looking to see which are on top. But they're enjoying it, and something that takes a steady hand is a new concept for my whirlwind kids :)

Now L has moved on and are using the sticks as "candles" and singing "This Little Light of Mine" and A is playing the game by herself.

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