Friday, March 28, 2008

5 Years Ago Today . . .

I was 35 weeks pregnant with twins and on bedrest. I got up, came downstairs, and suddenly just KNEW my water was breaking I RAN (& yes, a woman 35 weeks pregnant with twins running is quite the sight LOL) to the bathroom and managed to have my water break on the toilet, whew! No mess to clean up! And then just sat there until dh finished his shower, when the shower turned off I called upstairs to him & told him my water had broken. And so began our journey into parenthood . . . (if you want to read all the details, here are the birth story, pregnancy pictures (why yes, I WAS huge thankyouverymuch!), and newborn pictures.

And now they're FIVE!! How did that happen? They amaze me daily with what they know and can figure out and just how big they are! They challenge me daily with their spiritedness. They know without question what they want! They will fight to the death for what they believe in. But they are quick to point out that "it might hurt so & so's feelings if we tell her she's too little to play with us". Everyone is their friend and they make friends everywhere they go. I don't think we've EVER gone to McDonalds or Burger King's play area that they haven't left talking about their "new friends" and lamenting that they'll probably never see them again.

Some days they whine if I ask them to put on their own shoes, other days they clear all the dishes without being asked, tell me they LOVE doing laundry, and joyfully "race" to see how fast they can get the toys picked up.

Happy Birthday to my two big girls! I love you both!!

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