Sunday, March 30, 2008

Homeschool Wrap Up

We had fun with the grain-a-day this week. Near the end of the week we skipped some because everyone was sick (off & on), but overall, it was fun to experiment with new grains & just be more aware of the grains we eat regularly. There's wheat on my parent's fields this year, so we'll touch base off and on over the summer & revisit the grain discussion as the wheat matures. As a nice rounding out of the grain week, on the way home last night L asked me to tell the story of the Little Red Hen, which goes through the sequence of wheat seed to bread.

We read Fairy Houses and the girls were intrigued by the idea of making a fairy house, but it would be challenging to do in our suburban yard, they liked the idea of trying it when we go to the beach this spring/summer, so we'll try to remember to do that.

Going on a bear hunt was great fun (and brought back fond memories of Papa doing it (w/o a book) with us as kids). The book was a nice "crutch" for me since I'm not creative :)

Birthday party & being sick took up the second half of our week (& I was sick at the beginning of the week, and Daddy in the middle of the week), so extra messes from painting didn't seem like a good thing to add to a house I already wasn't keeping up with.

The girls practiced kindermusik throughout the week, and seem to have the memory work down (& have accepted it as a daily part of our routine, L was concerned about us skipping it on Thurs because of their party). L was sick Fri morning, so she stayed home with Daddy while I took A to Kindermusik. A was rather apprehensive about going w/o L, but did fine once she was there. Our music practice time tomorrow, I hope to have her tell/show L what she learned in class.

"writing" is creeping into the girls' play more. They are enjoying sounding out words & writing them phonetically.

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