Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sabbath Birthday

Last year we unintentionally started a tradition of a "Sabbath Birthday" (word to those w/ younger kids, apparently age 4 is the year they REALLY remember, so plan how you do holidays & such at age 3 because they'll assume that's how they should be done every year, at least that's what happened here LOL). Last year we had a party with their friends during the week and then invited the grandparents over on Sabbath afternoon/evening to celebrate their birthday. And so, the "Sabbath birthday" was born. This year as soon as we started talking about planning their birthday, the girls talked about their "Sabbath birthday" as well as their "party".

So . . . they also decided this year they wanted to have their Sabbath birthday at Mama & Papa's house, which I hadn't thought of until the girls came up with it, but worked out well for us since we're in the midst of decluttering and such here.

So yesterday was their "Sabbath birthday". L, seemed over being sick by bedtime Fri night, but A threw up around 8pm and promptly went to bed, so I wasn't sure what was going to happen with her. Was thinking she might end up staying home at least for part of the day & then coming up later. But when I woke her up a few minutes before we were leaving to see if she wanted to come or not, she said she did, but was too tired to get up & get dressed. So I took her clothes w/ us & we threw her in the car in her pj's. She wasn't overly peppy on the ride up, but didn't sleep either (I don't think, at one point she was being very confused about the stories we were listening to & was confusing/combining Joseph & David, and it took me explaining several times for her to realize that she was mixing up the 2 stories, so I'm wondering if she fell asleep during Joseph & woke up near the end of David and that's what caused the confusion (My Bible Friends CDs, I think David comes right after Joseph (or maybe w/ a story or two in between, but we have time to listen to LOTS of MBF stories in an hour LOL). Anyway . . . she got dressed quickly when we got to my parents' church & went off to SS. She fell asleep on Mama's lap during church (which isn't "normal"), and both girls were quicker than normal to melt down over little things, and didn't eat as much as usual, but overall they were fine.

They got to spend the afternoon playing outside with Mama (I was out there for a little while but they told me to go back in the house, and similarly sent Papa away when he went out, I think they've figured out that if there's a 2nd adult out there the adults talk while the kids play, if Mama's the only one out there she actually plays with them LOL) and then Grandmom & Aunt Lynette came over for supper & presents.

Mama & Papa gave them real cameras for their birthday so we used them to take pictures of the rest of the present opening and then the kids had fun taking pictures of . . . everything :) A couple pictures from the present opening:

All the pictures from all three days of birthday can be seen here.

And here are some of the pictures A has taken with her camera:

Daddy and Uncle Dan

Daddy & Aunt Lynette

Not too shabby for a 5 yr old huh?

The rest of A's pictures are here. And here are some that L took.




And the rest of L's pictures are here.

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