Sunday, March 9, 2008

Decluttering Challenge Check-In

So this week, I accomplished quite abit but didn't really get rid of much of anything. The last part of our week didn't go as planned. I mentioned in the earlier post that Mom & Dad were supposed to be coming down Thurs night & taking a load home with them, but Grandma got sick, so Mom went home to check on her instead of them coming down here. So that load didn't go out. Dad did come down yesterday and took one load home with him. Mostly boxes for them to store for us, but also some random stuff I sent to mom, plastic containers, gift boxes/bags/bows, and I don't even remember what else LOL. So, in the spirit of the original "7 things a week" challenge, I sent more than 7 things to mom, so I met my goal even on a week that was focused on other things :)

I also have another trash bag full of shredded paper & a huge pile of cardboard that will go out in the recycling tonight.

My focus is going to continue to be more on getting spaces completely done, so the actual getting rid of will continue to be slower, although there's a huge pile of books, movies & cd's that I need to get listed on, another pile of stuff I want to list on craigslist, and other stuff that I need to give away one way or another. And of course I expect to continue adding to those piles as I continue going through stuff. But it does help my motivation to have to be "accountable" for getting stuff done, so I'll keep boring you all w/ the mundaneness of my life LOL.


Ann said...

Do you have much success with craigslist? I've ebayed a few things, but I've wondered about craigslist. My husband would not be too happy with someone coming to pick up something when he's not home, that's why I haven't tried it.

Sweetpeas said...

So far, not so much. The one person who did buy something was a woman and she never came in the house, I had the onesies she'd bought sitting right inside the door, so she handed me the money & I handed her the onesies. But we also live in a neighborhood, not out in the country, so that adds a "safety net" of other people potentially being around as well, kwim? Freecycle, I leave stuff on the porch whether I'm home or not, so I never even open the door (and specifically have NOT freecycled the few big things I have until I can offer at a time when dh is home for that very reason).

Ebay annoys me, the few things I've sold went so low that it all just didn't seem worth the hassle of packing it up to ship. That's why I'm hoping I can craigslist the stuff I have to sell & not mess w/ shipping :)