Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

One of the things that dh comments on frequently now that he is home most of the time is how "BUSY" our children are. They really are! They develop such complex imaginary scenarios & busily act them out for HOURS (interspersed w/ disagreements on how things should go which generally results in "I'm not playing with you for a HUNDRED YEARS!!! I wish I didn't have a sister! Throw she in the trash!!!" and then 10 seconds later they go back to playing LOL). So, here are a few things they have done today:

They have been busy gardening. In my decluttering I came across 2 cheap sets of plastic gardening hand tools that I'd gotten sometime & never given them. So I threw those in their easter baskets, they were the hit of the easter basket. Anyway . . . they took L's puppet tree and a bunch of the fake fruit/veggies from their kitchen stuff & have been regularly "gardening" ever since. A also found a goofy looking hat in the dress up box that is her "gardening hat".

A made cherry muffins. I found a Christmas ornament that came as part of a set that looks like a tiny muffin pan and gave it to the girls for their play kitchen stuff, so she mixed together a bunch of toy cherries, and told me a whole list of other things she added to the bowl, stirred them up, poured them in the muffin pan and put it in "the oven".

The took their babies for a walk in the rain (why yes, it IS bright & sunny here today, but apparently it was raining in the basement).

L was writing something or other, I'd love to find it (but she wouldn't give it to me when I asked, and she didn't leave it on the table), she was sounding words out & writing them w/ very little help (just if she couldn't figure out what made a sound she'd ask, of course since she says bag w/ a southern accent she asked what says "ay" LOL) and I'd love to see how she did, will have to keep my eyes open for it.

And those are just the things I happened to notice/make note of LOL.

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