Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wish List

First I'd like to link to this article. I'd also like to mention up front that, after all the scares and recalls of even "good quality" plastic toys from China, we were thankful to have very few toys that even fell into the general categories that were recalled, and we hope to continue that trend, but avoiding mass produced toys from China.

Please also keep in mind that we live in a very small house. Size/storage space are a consideration as well.

Now, things the girls WOULD like:

Number one again this year is money toward music lessons. They are LOVING their music lessons and realize that the only way their lessons, music books, and violin rental (for Lexie) can happen is if that's what they're getting for Christmas and Birthdays.

I started an amazon wish list for them, you can see it here.

They have both discovered a love of felting, spinning, and otherwise crafting with wool roving. When I asked if there was anything they wanted for Christmas, they said wool roving! It comes in many colors, etc. But half the fun is getting to dye it yourself. I haven't shopped extensively this year, but I know when I was originally shopping for wool roving when they were in preschool, this was the best price I found. This page, item #ROVE-w (currently the first item, but that might change?)

I read about this series of audiobooks on a blog I read, sounds like something we'd enjoy.

We have, and love, several Lamplighter books, a great option they offer is their book club that lets the recipient choose the books they want and they're sent each month, I think the girls would be thrilled to get something like this. Pricing and information is here.

We have several books from this series, and the girls would love more. I don't have a list in front of me of which ones we have, so if you're interested in ordering any of these shoot me a quick e-mail letting me know what you're considering and I can confirm whether or not we have it.

Our little girls are growing up and have discovered the fun of shopping, so I suspect they'd be thrilled with gift cards to Amazon, Michaels, AC Moore, Barnes and Nobles (not sure they'd know what that is, but would be excited once they realized it was a bookstore LOL) and if Goodwill has giftcards (I've never paid attention), that's currently one of their favorite stores.
Check back, I'll be editing this post, and the amazon list as ideas occur to me :)


Ann said...

We have something similar to the butterfly garden, it's for moths. The childen are looking forward to watching the larvae develop into a moth.

Sweetpeas said...

We did ladybugs last spring and the girls LOVED it!! (and so did I, plus then we had ladybugs to release into our garden). I'm hoping to do ladybugs again this spring, AND the butterflies :)