Sunday, March 23, 2008

Declutter/Move Update

I've moved on from the constant getting rid of stuff, and am working on going through the house room by room & getting each room totally DONE (or as close as possible, there are some things we won't do until we're ready to put the house on the market like putting beds back on bedframes (don't ask) and getting rid of the mountain o' boxes in the basement (and once the mountain o' boxes is gone I THINK we'll be able to move all the kids' toys from the family room to the basement so I'm leaving the family room in general till the end (though once the rest of the main level is back to looking like a house instead of a pig pen I'll at least go back to daily picking up in the family room). So . . . what have I done this week? Last weekend the load of stuff I sent to Mom & Dad's house (storage) included the last of the stuff from the storage area of the basement, so now that is EMPTY except for DH's pile to go through (rather large, but easy enough to just keep working around for now), a couple big pieces of furniture that need to be freecycled or ebay'd, some half-packed boxes (because I want things packed logically so for now there are half-packed boxes that I keep adding to as I work through other rooms) and the boxes & shelving that I might need to access while we're living here. I finished just straightening that area up this week and then started on the rest of the basement. It wasn't much left, the front corner was stacked full of boxes of stuff for my candle business, I'd gone through most of it earlier in the decluttering process but that was when I thought we were going to be renting this house so the whole "staging" aspect of selling a house wasn't a part of my plan. So I went back through it & pulled out stuff that can be stored at mom & dad's house, moved boxes that I DO need here, but don't need to access often, to the storage area & took over the empty metal shelving unit (in the storage area) to store the smaller stuff on. I haven't measured but I'm 99% sure that the table in my kitchen that I use for making candles will fit in that area now so that I can still fill orders while the house is on the market. So that was my Monday (& Tuesday? I don't remember) project, and I've spent the rest of the week moving stuff from the dining room (which has been my candle-storage, homeschool storage room for the last few years) to the basement & incorporating it in w/ the stuff already down there. I'm hoping to finish the dining room tomorrow, it's ALMOST done, I might even manage to finish it today (I was SUPPOSED to be at my parents' house today for Easter but came down w/a stomach bug during the night. I'm feeling ok, but not real peppy, but didn't want to risk spreading germs since my Grandma just got over (is getting over) being sick. So DH took the girls to Mama & Papa's and I stayed home), and then I can move on to other rooms. Once I get through all the rooms we'll be able to move on to doing repairs & deep cleaning & such and actually moving toward getting this house on the market, woo-hoo!!

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