Friday, March 21, 2008


Yesterday in the car the girls & I had a rather humorous conversation about monsters. L insists that they ARE real, whereas I reminded them that "monsters live in your imagination".

So, here's what the girls informed me about monsters & such (this was all done in good humor, the girls DO understand they're pretend, but they also thoroughly enjoy pretending LOL) :

Monsters live in the walls they're gigantonormous (guess that's how you'd spell that) but very thin (this in response to my comment that if monsters live in walls they must be small since walls aren't very thick). Ghosts live in the basement. Giants live "in a part of the upstairs we don't know about" (A asked if this was the attic but L said not). While L was trying to come up with her answer as to where giants live, A suggested that they must live "in Jesus books" since that's where the story of Goliath is, and he was a real giant. Monsters, giants & ghosts are all friends and when they get together it sounds like this "grrrrowl-boo-fee-fo-fum"

So there you have it, the whole scoop on things that go bump in the night.

Another recent car conversation involved Jesus coming back to earth and such. I think this is the first conversation we've had about this that hasn't resulted with A in tears saying she doesn't want to go to Heaven, she'd miss her house/car/toys . . . etc. too much. So either she's working through THOSE issues while she works through her fears about our upcoming move or she's growing up or something . . . she's become alot more calm about our upcoming move as well, she still doesn't like it, and during a recent conversation asked L & my mom "can we not talk about that, it reminds me of moving and that makes me sad" but it was said calmly, not with the total meltdowns that we were having for awhile. Anyway . . . things discussed in this conversation:

How far away is Heaven? As high as the clouds? They were very impressed to hear that it's even higher than the stars and sun and planets (we've talked about all this before, but they're getting a more accurate grasp of such things so it means more than it did when they were younger). Then we moved onto their safety concerns about the cloud Jesus will take us to Heaven on. A said she hopes it has seat belts. I pointed out that maybe the whole cloud would have gravity like the earth does so that we wouldn't fall off the cloud just like we don't fall off the earth even though it's spinning around. L liked that idea much better since then she can walk around. Then they wanted to know what would happen if an asteroid was flying toward the cloud (apparently I was a very unimaginative child or something these kinds of things never crossed my mind LOL) I told them Jesus might say "asteroid, stop!" and it would stop. Which of course took us down the path of 101 other possible things that might come toward the cloud or the cloud might come toward and then Jesus would have to say whatever was appropriate to avert that disaster. It was a fun conversation LOL.

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