Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today for St. Patrick's Day we finished up the St. Patrick's Day Lapbook. The girl's enjoyed seeing the pieces we've been working on all last week finally come together into a finished product. The picture on the left is of the front of the lapbook, L colored the picture on the left & A colored the picture on the right (I did all the cutting on this one to make sure everything fit right)

This lapbook was designed for older kids, and alot of the stuff was beyond them (write an acrostic poem . . . and such), and others we just skipped from lack of time. It's designed to be a lapbook made by gluing 2 file folders together (so you have 2 full openings, but since we skipped so much of it, we fit it all in one folder, similar to the Adam & Eve lapbook we did awhile back. Here's the inside of the lapbook:

Most of these open up to ask questions, that the girls answered (& I wrote down) after I read them various online things about St. Patrick's day. The bottom right corner (purple circle) opens up to be a chart where we took a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and charted how many of each kind of marshmallow was in the bowl. I forsee this being something we can better utilize when they're older & they can use it to calculate percentages and all kinds of good stuff. For now, it mostly gave us an excuse to buy & eat a kind of totally unhealthy cereal that I generally won't buy LOL.

The other thing we did today was to make Green Smoothies they were a HIT! And you totally can't taste the spinach, so this would also be a great way to get a kid who doesn't like spinach to eat some greens :)
It really was more of a "spring green" in person, not sure why the picture turned out the color of pea soup LOL.

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