Sunday, March 2, 2008

Decluttering Challenge Check-In

Anyone else still doing this? :) I actually didn't do ANYTHING this last week, we all kind of tag-teamed being sick & I still don't have my energy back 100% (though I have lots I need to get done today, energy or not, I've declared my "break" over LOL), so keeping somewhat up with dishes & laundry (made more exciting by the fact that my washer is acting up, sigh . . . it seems to be ok now but I'm babying it smaller loads, which makes it seem like more laundry) has been the most I could manage this week. BUT I had a bunch of stuff still waiting to be freecycled (either due to no-shows, or because it was Fri (a week ago) by the time I pulled it all together & I generally don't post freecycle offers on Friday because I don't want to be arranging pick-ups on Sabbath, so the tail end of the week, I leave & offer on Sunday or Monday), so it still looks like I accomplished something LOL. Here's my list:

  • Shredded a trash bag FULL of old papers - recycling
  • Bag of my shoes - freecycled
  • Garbage bag FULL of old school papers & notes & such - recycled
  • Bag of feminine products - freecycled
  • Bag of Halloween decorations - freecycled
  • Bag of misc toys - freecycled
  • 4 bags plus a box of packing peanuts - freecycled
  • a few bags of toiletries - freecycled
  • Diaper bag w/ some baby stuff in it - freecycled
  • baby walker - freecycled
  • Bag of purses - freecycled
I DID spend time this past week planning my "plan of attack" going forward. I'm through most everything (there's a shelf or cupboard or drawer here & there, and the guest room closet is still stacked full) so now I want to start being able to put things where they will stay until we move (unless we use them, obviously). So . . . today's plan of attack is to get everything BUT empty boxes out of the front corner of the basement (it's mostly empty boxes already, just some odds & ends that have been piled in front of them), and then I'm going to start systematically at the back corner of the basement and get EVERYTHING where it goes. Stuff ready to go to mom & dad's (we went up there this weekend instead of them coming down here so for the second week in a row I didn't get a load sent up there, sigh) is going to get stacked in the garage (if I can move it by myself, otherwise I'll just have to drag it to somewhere as out of the way as possible), I was trying to avoid that so I could park in the garage but dh piled some tires in there a couple weeks ago so now I can't park there anyway, so might as well stack otehr stuff, sigh . . .), anything that we WILL be storing in the basement while the house is on the market, can start stacking in that back corner. I also need to designate a place for the growing pile of "stuff dh has to go through) . . . trash & recycling will also be carried up to the garage, even if it doesn't make it into the recycle bins immediately (we're so weird, right now I could easily fill all THREE (the way the wind blows through this neighborhood, on really windy days we "collect" recycling bins, and if there's no address on them, we have no way to return them, I generally leave the extra one sitting on our porch for a few days in case someone comes driving around looking for it, but nobody's ever claimed one, so we have 2 extras) of our recycling bins twice a week, but we come nowhere near filling our huge TRASH can (provided by the city) once a week, much less the twice a week that they pick stuff up). So . . . in theory, the freecycling should be slowing down, we shall see . . .

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Jennifer said...

Well, I stopped the official "at least one a day" in January, but we've been steadily getting rid of as we go. We are hoping to move in two months time, and while we've not got much to begin with, it's a ton more than we arrived with (when everything and the five of us fit into the mini-van!), so we've got some creative culling to do!
Keep it up - you won't regret it!