Sunday, March 2, 2008

Working with Daddy

A mixed blessing of Daddy being home more is that well . . . he's home more, which we all LOVE!! BUT he needs to be working when he IS home (either job hunting or doing stuff for the various businesses or whatever), so we were having a real problem last week with A, especially, wanting to be with Daddy all the time, which was making it hard for him to work. Finally it occurred to me to suggest that we clear enough of the table (dh has taken over the dining room as his "office" (as if the dining room weren't "multi-purpose" enough already w/ our craft supplies, my candle supplies & our homeschooling resources all in there)) so that she could "work" with Daddy. We found her some space across the table from Daddy & I handed her a random coloring/activity book & some crayons, and she happily worked away in there off & on the rest of the day. Once L realized that A was "working with Daddy", she wanted to "work" too, so we found her a spot as well.

And of course, working is tiring, so later in the day they all took a break:

And while I'm sharing pictures, here's one from when L was sick, and A was in her favorite tv watching spot (on the back of the sofa).

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