Sunday, March 16, 2008

Homeschool Wrap Up

This week we worked on a St Patrick's Day lapbook. I went through & only printed the things that were age appropriate (alot of it involved research stuff that they're not ready for) and we haven't even done all of that, but I think they've enjoyed what we've done & we've all learned abit more about a holiday that I'll admit I knew nothing about beyond that it's Irish & people wear green LOL. We'll do alittle more today & then tomorrow we'll glue it all into the lapbook (since I wasn't sure how much we'd end up doing I'm waiting to glue it in at the end to see how we'll lay it out).

The girls really did well w/ their memory verse this week. At SS they're never really even given the opportunity to say it from MEMORY, the teachers just have them repeat it after them, but this week, we worked on actually memorizing it. They did really well, they have trouble w/ the text, but I've always had trouble with that too, and until they're reading & can look up texts for themselves, it doesn't really make sense to them anyway.

We also had fun with shells this week, I'm kicking myself that I can NOT find the shell collection I put together as a kid in Pathfinders. I think the girls would enjoy seeing it (it's all together in a box and each shell is labeled & such), but we're making do with odds & ends of shells I DO have, which still lets us explore the textures & such.

And we got the seeds I wanted to start, planted. Still need to get teh seed markers made (before I forget what I planted where LOL).

We still haven't started the painting that is supposed to be art right now, although I read through what we'd be doing this week if we were "on schedule" and we're skipping it anyway, it's asking them to paint recognizable THINGS (animals & such) and I've worked too hard to get Miss Perfectionist (A) to NOT freak out because "I was trying to paint a dog & this doesn't look like a dog" I'm not about to TELL them to paint something specific at this point. The book for this unit (Children & Painting) does seem to go through the steps of learning to paint in an easy to follow way, I might pull it out in a couple years and see if the girls enjoy working through it. But for now, we'll pick & choose, and at the moment, I'm vetoing more than I'm choosing LOL.

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