Sunday, March 23, 2008

Homeschool wrap-up

This week we focused on school on Monday for St Patrick's Day and then we moved into working on the goody bags for the girls' party.

In my decluttering I found some foam tote bags that I'd gotten thinking I could hang them from hooks to organize toys w/ lots of little pieces, but they weren't sturdy enough for that so the first one was destroyed & the rest got stuffed in a corner LOL. Conveniently, since they were from Oriental Trading, that meant I had 11 left, and totally coincidentally we have 11 guests coming to the party (not counting the 11 yr old boy who I'm thinking doesn't want a foam tote bag full of little kid toys, or the month old baby) so we used foam letters to put everyone's names on their bags and then other foam shapes to finish decorating the bags. We slipped in a bunch of letter sorting to find the letters for everyone's names. It was fun to see the designs & thought processes they used in the other decorations on the bags too.

I was hoping to slip in a small Easter lapbook but since I'm on zero budget it took me till near the end of the week to find a free template (well, I found one last week but it was a unit study based on a book that was already checked out from the library) so we only did the first 2 pages of the one I finally found. I also fully intended to do Resurrection cookies with them last night but time got away from us and bedtime came too quickly.

Kindermusik has been going well. The girls are learning to read music and are starting to be able to play REAL songs (granted ones that only use 3 notes). They're enjoying it and seem to be doing well.

We haven't been specifically working on reading & such but L randomly asks me to let her "help" read bedtime stories (I read the story but point out words I know she knows), it's helping her get the concept of sight recognition of words she's already sounded out, so I suspect that will help when she decides she wants to move forward with "reading" again.

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Ann said...

Isn't it nice to "shop at home" sometimes! I love it when I'm clearing things out and find a perfect use for something that has been just sitting around.