Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Proof that they DO Listen . . .

Tonight at supper time the girls were very involved in their current game of make believe. So, they came to the "restaurant", asked what our "special" was, and then each ordered one, plus ordering however many for their many children (I believe each of them has 4 children plus however many dolls they're currently carrying around as babies), but those were all imaginary plates LOL. Then as they ate A was admonishing her children as follows:

"It's ok to not like the food, but we're in a place with other people, it's not polite to say "yuck", you can just quietly tell me you'd rather have something else"

Now to get them to remember this & put it into practice when WE are in public LOL.

And woo-hoo! While A's children opted for applesauce instead of shepherds pie, the girls each ate their shepherds pie & asked for more & ate it! DH wasn't so impressed, so this will be going on our lunch meal rotation!! What I find amusing about this is that L has been ADAMANT for the last 2 weeks or so that she doesn't like green beans, but ate them in this w/o a complaint. Silly kids.

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