Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was the girls' "kid party". Since I didn't know where we'd be in the whole move/house for sale process at this point, a couple months ago I asked My friend Angie if we could do the girls' party at her house. It also worked out nicely since she makes the girls' cakes and L's flamingo wasn't exactly transportable so she could make it and just leave it where it was. So, we went over yesterday morning so the girls could help decorate and then the party was in the afternoon. Their friend Megan was sick, so we missed one family of friends but the girls still had a blast with the people who came. Angie's husband is in the process of dry-walling their basement so there weren't as many toys out as usual, but with Hannah & Kayla to come up with creative play ideas they all seemed to have fun. I'd brought a craft to do but by the time they played and ate cake & did ice cream it was time for people to be leaving so we skipped the craft.

Some of the fun things they came up with to do . . .

Playing on the merry go round (I'm quite certain the makers of this merry-go-round never thought it could hold THIS MANY kids!!) Right before I took the picture Adam (age 5) got off & right after he got off K & H figured out (a) to both push in the same direction, not against each other and (b) to push from the base of the bars, not higher up (which, with that much weight, just caused the bars to bend) SO from Adam's perspective, as soon as HE got off, they were able to get it moving. He explained to me that he had to get off because "I weigh a ton" ROFL!

They also put on a "fashion show".
A was the announcer who announced each person's name (I never figured out why she was holding the toy type writer the whole time, but it was obviously a part of her persona), Hannah announced who each person was dressed as and then everyone else was "models". L was tinkerbell, don't ask me how that outfit relates to Tinkerbell, but there you go. The cones represented the runway. At the end they all "took a bow":

After they played awhile they were ready for cake. A has been saying pretty much since her last birthday that she wanted an armadillo cake this year, and Miss Angie (who insists that she LIKES making cakes, and so I happily hand the task over to her (the one year I didn't (their first birthday), mom & I worked together on a peapod cake which my children now insist looks like a frog. As we were looking at old baby/birthday pictures today A again insisted that it looked like a frog & then told me that Miss Angie makes MUCH better cakes than I do, so we'll leave it to Miss Angie LOL) figured that wouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

Isn't it cute? A request a 5 banded armadillo (which I don't THINK exists) since it was her 5th birthday.

The birthday girl with her cake

For most of the past year L has said that she wanted another Belle (Beauty & the Beast) cake, the same as she had last year but then a couple months ago she apparently decided she needed to keep her theme more like her sister's and declared that she wanted a FLAMINGO cake! I found a picture of a fancy one standing up & sent the link to Angie as a joke (fully expecting her to just make a flat cut-out of one or perhaps a sheet cake w/ "water" & such on it & then use plastic flamingos to stick into it) but Angie decided she wanted to do the standing up one so, here is L's Flamingo cake:

And the other birthday girl.

Blowing out the candles.

And finally, opening presents.

This morning the girls woke up to their presents from Mommy & Daddy. L started throwing up Thurs. night and was sick most of her birthday :( She sat on Daddy's lap & opened the presents A brought to her, but wasn't very energetic about it all. Woke up from a nap around 7:30pm and was feeling fine.

A blowing up the balloon for her new balloon boat.

The closest to a smile I could get from L.

I'd set up a treasure hunt for them to find their present from Aunt Darla & Uncle Jim. Poor L wasn't even feeling good enough to want to have me carry her w/ us, but A had great fun with it.

And at the end of the treasure hunt, was a "wash day" set (washtub, laundry basket, drying rack & clothes pins). A immediately had to hang some laundry up to dry.

With L sick, we had a pretty quiet birthday. She stayed home with Daddy while I took A to Kindermusik and the Library. We got home & played the new games they got, and such. By evening A was the one who was sick and L was feeling better.

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