Sunday, March 2, 2008

Homeschool wrap-up

Tonight I'll be updating all the side-bar stuff to reflect our new unit, but for the moment . . . here's what we did last week . . .

NOT MUCH!! I think at least one of us was sick the entire week. We read more books than usual in an attempt to provide calm entertainment for not-feeling-good, but still bored, children. I also pulled some clay out the beginning of the week (or maybe it was last week, time runs together) so the girls played with it off & on all week (L commented, "clay is better for us than play doh, because it doesn't dry out & we're not so good about remembering to put things away" well yes, that's very true, dear!).

I already mentioned that we learned about making maple syrup on Sunday (the thing I learned, the sap itself is barely sweet tasting at all! I'm abit in awe that someone way back when bothered to collect it & boil it down to figure out how yummy it is as syrup).

We've been enjoying "discovering" additions to our winter nature table this whole unit (thanks to someone ordering a set through a co-op & then changing their mind we had even more "winter" stuff than I'd planned, but it's a pretty cool set, so I decided we could add it in too). The last piece, the igloo, hasn't been discovered yet, hopefully they'll notice it today so I can pack it all up tonight LOL.

Kindermusik this week, we brought in Papa's old saxophone & Miss Laura showed the kids the reed & such. She didn't wet it to see if they could play it (Dad had said he wasn't sure it still played (w/o oiling the pads or somesuch) anyway), just let them hold it & push the buttons & such, but they enjoyed it. Miss Laura hadn't brought her camera (& neither had I) so I snapped a couple pictures using my phone, so not real high quality:

And then yesterday when we went to Mama & Papa's house for the day, Papa decided to see if the sax would actually play, and it did, so the girls got to actually blow on it & make noise too:

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